About Page

Twisting Plots! Is an all-about-movies website that was founded in 2019 with the intention of recommending quality films to everyone around the world so they don’t have to settle with mediocre movies.

Originally we just started as a Facebook Page but our engagement was so huge that it benefited Mark Zuckerberg’s people more than we did so we decided to create our website, and our followers went with us.

To be fair though, the reviews of the page got a lot of positive response and currently there are more than 150,000 followers at the moment, within a few months after its creation we have already established a following of 25,000 users – that is indeed engaging so we took things to the next level and created this page.

Our mission is to help good and worthy movies in reaching maximum audience globally and at the same time discouraging them from watching movies that will subject them with often-times brainless and lazy production values.