How Much Of A Movie’s Success Is Due To The Editing?

What are the three factors that make a movie great? According to popular opinion, there will be different factors that make a movie great but these three are non-negotiable. The first one would be the actors. If you get an actor with a huge fan base, you can market your movie. There are a lot of fans out there that do not care about the actual movie but would pay for the movie because of the actor.

Second, it would be the storyline. Usually, you get the best storylines from movies that were created from novels. Something that was made for the books but was translated into a movie. One of the interests that you would have is asking yourself if they did justice to the story. In some cases, there are just movies that have a good storyline. There are storylines as well that would pique your interest because you can relate to it. Either way, if you have a messed up storyline, you definitely can’t sell that movie.

Lastly, movie editing. This plays a big role in today’s market because people would want their movies as realistic as possible. They also want to see a better picture. They want to feel and warmth of the movie or the horror it should have portrayed. To do so, the editing of the said movie should be second to none.

Some movies are edited in a certain way that you would be amazed. These editors are talented individuals for creating something out of nothing. Imagine, if it is a superhero movie or a sci-fi movie, we all know that they will need to create a new world for the actual movie.

When we talk about editing, it is not only about these creations. It also has something to do with the actual sequence of the movie. Imagine making a movie and sequence does not agree with the theme. Some movies are poorly edited that you can tell that it is a low budget film. No one wants to watch that. A poorly edited movie is the same as a poorly managed restaurant. You will pay for what you ordered but you can never get your money’s worth. This is something that you need to understand why editing plays a big role in these movies and we cannot downplay its importance. We either want to watch the best quality or a rip off one.