Which Is Bigger: Tom Cruise Or The Mission Impossible Franchise?

When people talk about Tom Cruise, they would readily talk about Mission Impossible and when Mission Impossible is being talked about, Tom Cruise would pop in. One cannot be mentioned without the other. That is the reason why some questions may arise on which is bigger, Tom Cruise or the Mission Impossible Franchise. Read on and learn who’s bigger than who.

Tom Cruise Vs Mission Impossible

There are a lot of movies when movie franchises are being talked about. But one movie would stand out – Mission Impossible. It has been running for 22 years already. Though there are instances that it is considered to be a ‘worst’ film, still it has gained merits. Then movie has gained the name ‘King of Franchises.’ Proof to this claim is the Fallout series, which is the sixth series. The Fallout is considered to be the best among the other series. There is an emotional twist to this episode as it sets inside Ethan Hunt’s mind. This is something new in the Mission Impossible series.

There is no doubt that the franchise has indeed created something big that it made a mark in the movie industry. However, just like the franchise, the actor Tom Cruise is as big as the franchise. There is no doubt about it. When one talks about the movie industry, it is impossible that the name is not mentioned.

Tom Cruise as an actor has made his own mark in the film industry in 1981 in the movie ‘Endless Love.’ He had his first Golden Globe nomination for the movie ‘Risky Business’ in 1983. Since then, projects came one by one and each one making a mark on Cruise’ career. More and more fans have been on his list. With this, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. All these plus his controversial personal life and his marriages to different actresses attached intrigue and issues to his name. His wives are equally popular as he is which is why his personal life is always followed by likers and haters alike.

With all these being said, Tom Cruise is as big as the Mission Impossible Franchise. One can’t be considered popular without mentioning the other. Therefore, both actor and film are actually big in the sense of popularity in the film industry. Tom Cruise is a name that cannot be detached from the popularity of Hollywood actors and MI cannot be detached from the popularity.